December 2020

    • Professor Yannis Skarpelos delivered a lecture in the Master’s Programme of the Department of History and Archaeology at Ioannina University, “Modern and Contemporary World: History, Folklore, Anthropology”. His lecture was entitled “Family photography as a document” and was delivered in the seminar “Images and History”, taught by Assistant Professor Lambros Flitouris.

    • "On Books and Writers" - A literary podcast on by Professor Nikos Bakounakis, (and on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts),

    • Participation of Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou and Head of the Advertising and Public Relations Labo - ADandPRLAB as a speaker and trainer in the Digital and Media Literacy for NGOs: A Virtual Training Programme for NGO Personnel, organized by the Digital Communication Network Southeast Europe- DCN SEE

      Digital and Media Literacy for NGOs: A Virtual Training Programme for NGO Personnel

    • Collaboration of Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou with digital media startup in the context of her postgraduate course "Entrepreneurship in Journalism" of the "Information Society, Media and Technology". Professor Tsakarestou organized a virtual co-creation workshop with the participation of her postgraduate students and the newsroom team of Inside Story. Advertising and Public Relations Lab - ADandPRLAB and have an ongoing collaboration in the field of participatory journalism since 2018.

  • Jointly hosted Virtual Pitch Exchange Day with an invitation of Jeremy Caplan, Director of Teaching and Learning Assessment. Craig Newark Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY, USA as part of their MA programme in Social Journalism and in collaboration with Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou with her undergraduate and Erasmus students attending the course "Social Issues, Social Innovation and Corporate Responsibility, as an experiment in launching a series of online learning exchanges. During the Virtual Pitch Exchange Day, graduate students of CUNY Μ.Α. in Social Journalism presented their final entrepreneurial social innovation journalism projects and Panteion University and Erasmus students presented their work in progress of social innovation ventures which are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Participation of Assistant Professor Dimitra Iordanoglou in the research project “Management Curriculum for the Digital Era” (Ma.Cu.DE) . The project aims to examine the new educational needs in the digital age and to propose ways to transform and update the curriculum offered by the world's leading Business Schools to ensure that their graduates have acquired the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be able to act as leaders in the digital world. The coordinator of the Ma.Cu.DE project is Stevens Institute of Technology, USA with which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Panteion University.

  • Collaboration of Associate Professor Andromache Gkazi with the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intercultural Relations of the Directorate of Contemporary Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as part of the Cultural Workshop I: Cultural Heritage. The students worked together with the Department’s staff and were trained in handling requests for inclusion of intangible heritage elements in the National Inventory of the Intangible Heritage of Greece. (

  • Professor Yannis Skarpelos participated to the online conference “Pandemics and teleworking: Consequences and challenges for work and society” organised on December 20, 2020 by the Enotiki Agonistiki Ekkinisi trade union. Speakers in the same conference were the labor expert Dionysis Temponeras, the Secretary of KEMETE Maria Georgariou, the teacher Irini Vidaki and the member of the Board of the Association of Employees in the National Bank of Greece Christos Karamoutsos.


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