Communication, Media and Culture Laboratory [Media Lab]


The Department offers a “Media Lab” which is in service of educational and research needs for the disciplines of Mass Media, New Technologies and Culture. The main mission of the Media Lab is to cover at the undergraduate and postgraduate level the training and research needs of the Department, the development of programmes of study and research for postgraduate and doctoral students, all forms of collaboration with all the research centres, institutes and academic institutions in Greece and internationally. Such collaboration occurs when scientific objectives concur, are in alignment and complement each other. The Media Lab also organises conferences and public lectures. It seeks to produce publications and to reach out to the community in collaborations with local councils, public services, social and scientific institutions in the study of the country’s development problems..

The Media Lab exhibits a wealth of accomplishments, especially regarding covering the teaching needs of the undergraduate programme through the Labs/ Workshops of the Tracks (Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Culture and Cultural Management), as well as by the New Technologies Lab and previously by the Rhetoric and Language Workshop. The Media Lab is a notable structure, uncommon for the context of Greek universities in the present conditions, and significant for the Department’s pedagogical philosophy. In recent years it has concentrated on forming the basic infrastructure that will permit it to respond to new developments in the digital age, making the most of the new possibilities for extroversion and innovation by the new framework agreement regarding tertiary institutions.

A significant recent development for the Department has been the approval of an endowment from the Stavros Niarhos Foundation in response to an application made by the Department on 16/12/2019. The Executive Committee of SNF on 21 July 2020, approved an endowment to the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, for the Department of Communication, Media and Culture with the exclusive purpose of renovating and equipping with modern technology and technical tools the Department’s radio and television studio on 3-5 Hill St, in Plaka. The studio comes under the supervision of the Media Lab, on the basis of the proposal submitted to the SNF by a team of academic staff on behalf of the Department and the Institution. Owing to the endowment of the SNF, for the renovation of one of its most vital spaces, the Media Lab is entering a period of dynamic expansion and development which will contribute to its placement in a strengthened position amongst academic institutions in Greece and internationally.


136 Syggrou Avenue - 17671 Athens - Greece




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Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

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