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Some of our graduates talk about their undergraduate degrees and how these have positively impacted their careers.


Charis Papaevangelou – PhD Candidate at the University of Toulouse 3

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The Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University has been instrumental in my personal and academic development. The interdisciplinary approach of the teaching staff, combined with their high-level qualification and their willingness to lend an ear to the concerns of students, are some of the Department’s greatest advantages. In addition, the possibility of choosing a track in the third year allows for a significant degree of specialisation according to one’s tastes. My decision to follow the track of Cultural Management has allowed me to gain experience in the production and organisation of cultural activities, and to critically delve into issues related to new technologies, digital media, arts, and culture. Finally, during my studies at universities abroad, I realised that the Department had equipped me with knowledge that my postgraduate colleagues often did not possess and prepared me to pursue my doctoral studies.

  Emilia Soulovari - Production assistant

soulavari My training in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, in addition to a unique educational experience, provided me with the theoretical, research and professional resources to start a constructive professional career in the field of journalism. The professors' constant motivation for collective efforts within the student community, their focus on cultivating a collaborative spirit and creative thinking, as well as the variety of research subjects explored through the curriculum, proved to be valuable tools for the job market as well. My contact in particular with the content production workshops of the Journalism path helped me to familiarize myself with modern multimedia forms of communication and alongside my internship in the field of cultural journalism led me with safe steps to my current employment in a Film and Television Production organization.

Thoma Polykarpos - journalist, AlphaNews.Live, Cyprus

polykarpos Thomas2Having little but substantial experience in the field of Journalism, I can say with confidence that the practical skills I acquired through the Journalism Workshops of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, made me sufficiently qualified to be able to cope with the demands of Electronic Journalism, which is my professional field. In addition, having been a postgraduate student at a UK university institution, I found that the Department has nothing to envy from equivalent programs abroad. The academic tools I was provided with during my studies contributed to my being admitted to the University of Cambridge. It is noteworthy that during my stay in Cambridge, I also met other students-graduates of the Department, which indicates the recognition that both the Department and Panteion University enjoy abroad.

Ifigeneia Antonopoulou - Journalist, Alpha Free Press

Antonopoulou The knowledge I gained at the undergraduate level in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture justified the choice I made for my future four years ago. Through the curriculum I acquired not only the basic principles of the courses I attended, but I was also introduced to the world of Journalism, both traditional and modern media, keeping up with the ever-evolving times.The assignments and the preparation of my thesis helped me to deepen and understand more the "world" of Journalism, as well as to develop my way of thinking on the subject. My studies at the Department formed the basis for a remarkable professional path that recently began, as well as the stepping-stone for the transition to a postgraduate level in the field of communication.

 Eleni Riga - Curator and cultural producer

Eleni RigaIn the field of contemporary art where I have been working for the last fifteen years I am often required to expand my knowledge to be able to respond to the diversity of art projects and to reinvent my role within new collaborations. My studies in the department of Communication, Media and Culture prepared me for this demanding and extremely interesting job as I came into contact with different subjects such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural studies such as museology, art theory, theater, cinema, music, etc. Above all, my studies have allowed me to develop the critical and analytical spirit that accompanies all my activities.

Eleni Karamalegkou - Group Social Media Director at Sky, Λονδίνο, UK

karamalegkouI graduated in 2023 and to this day, I reminisce about my time at Panteion. The main differentiator of this department to me was the direct link to the industry. As students we worked with collective problem solving methods, answering to real briefs, coming straight from the industry through guest speakers from some of the biggest and most creative companies in Greece - this allowed us to get hands-on experience of the industry we were going to enter after our studies. Since then, I have been working in Leadership positions for multinational companies such as LEGO and Sky for 14 years in London, UK.

Liana Kollia, HR Advisor, Vodafone Greece

koliaStudies in the department of Communication, Media and Culture can be characterized as "my golden ticket". Being stimulated by various subjects of the job market, such as journalism, culture, marketing, business administration and more, I gained significant knowledge and discovered my own career path. Both the professors, who devote substantial time and soul, as well as the professionals who join courses, create a unique climate of theory and practice, which not only made me love the courses, but opened the way for me to the world of businesses.

Diana Birba - Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Europe, The Coca-Cola Company

BirbaWith a level that competes equally that of a post graduate degree, an excellent staff of academics and the contribution of the most valuable executives of the market, DCMC succeeds in bridging the skill gap between the acquired university curriculum and the requirements of the job market. And as such it constitutes a unique incubator of young talents for the market. A graduate of the AD&PR Lab myself, I now return as a Marketing Business Instructor to contribute voluntarily to the education of the next generations.


Lina Patmali – Exhibitions Researcher at the National Museum of Qatar

PatmaliMy studies at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture are the basis of my academic, professional and personal development. The breath of the subjects covered in combination with the theoretical and practical knowledge provided have supported me in different aspects of my work as an exhibition maker. Beyond these essential experiences, I have also gained invaluable mentorships and friendships that are still an important part of my everyday life.


Olga Azilazian -Business Management Manager, Microsoft.


My experience at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University provided me with a variety of knowledge that I used in my later career. This is the reason why I have chosen to participate in the Startup entrepreneurship workshop, as I want to offer young students the knowledge and experiences, I’ve gathered throughout my professional career in management in a multinational technology company.



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