June 2020

  • The students of the "Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Lab" of the ADandPRLab, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dimitra Iordanoglou, designed and implemented a project attempting to answer the question "How can we contribute to the mental well-being of people in the COVID-19 era?". Our student groups interviewed psychologists, students, parents, HR managers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs,


  • Erasmus students, even the commander of the Presidential Guard in order to reveal feelings, thoughts, reflections, hopes and also highlight the importance of leadership and emotional intelligence in times of crisis. Stories, videos, surveys, podcasts, websites with tips and more can be found at the medium publication:https://alternativejournal.wixsite.com/soaj1/files

  • Students of the laboratory "Alternative Journalism" created (in times of e-learning) their own Observatory, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Pantelis Vatikiotis. The Observatory provides material for various forms of alternative journalism (https://alternativejournal.wixsite. com / soaj1), including research exercises on current, hot topics: a) social media & COVID-19, b) media coverage of the refugee crisis in Evros and independent online media, c) digital local press .

  • Professor Yannis Skarpelos participated as a mentor and co-ordinator of two teams in the “EUvsVirus Hackathon,” organised by the European Innovation Council with more than 20,900 entries from the EU and the candidate countries. More than 2,000 projects were submitted in the fields of health and life protection, entrepreneurship support, tele-working and tele-education, social and political cohesion.


  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Advertising and Public Relations Lab (ADandPRLAB) and the Digital Communication Network Southeast Europe- DCN SEE to jointly introduce educational, training and research initiatives in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Journalism, and Public Diplomacy and expanding their outreach in International Networking.


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