January 2020

  • From December 2019 to January 2020 the Culture Workshop VI: Theatre - Contemporary Performance, collaborated with director Dimitris Karatzas. Students attended three rehearsals of the Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov at Veaki Theatre, at which discussion followed with the performance artists. Through the immersive learning experience and participatory observation, students were able to acquire specialised knowledge of the theatrical process and to include an ethnographic approach in their analysis of the production. Instructor: Assistant Professor Patricia Kokori.

  • Over the academic years 2019-2020, and 2020-2021, in the Culture Workshop VI: Theatre - Contemporary Performance there has been close collaboration with Aris Asproulis, Director of Publicity at Theatro Tehnis Karolou Koun and a freelance publicist for other theatres, festivals, cultural organisations. This cooperation enables students to have a practical engagement with creating promotional presentations in the media for artists and performances. Instructor: Assistant Professor Patricia Kokori.

  • On-line lecture of Ioanna Vovou, Assistant Professor, at the one-day Conference “30 years of Private Television in Greece. Title of the lecture: “From Truth to Sincerity. A project for the geneology of (private) television based on personnal experiences”. Organisation: Laboratory of Cultural and Visual Studies, Department of Journalism and Mass Media, Aristoteleion University, Thessaloniki, Greece (15/1/20)

  • Participation of Assistant Professor Ioanna Vovou in educational programmes of the Laskaridis Foundation (November 2019-January 2020). Topics: “From Truth to Authenticity: Reality TV” and “The ‘laboratory’ of the YouTube platform”.


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