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Criticism as a broader term, which refers to the encounter -or counteraction- with literary texts, has two aspects, that of distinction, and that of evaluation. Through time, criticism has been the discourse, theoretical energy, and reflective writing on literature. As a discourse on literature, criticism is more closely linked to the science and positivist perspective on the arts that developed mainly in the late 19th century; it is the logical, cognitive, mental function of the non-artist critic. On the other hand, as a theoretical discourse about literature, criticism refers to the philosophical and speculative writing related to literature, while as a series of reflections on literature, criticism acquires a literary character of its own. Whether a scientific, a theoretical or an artistic creation, criticism usually has a professional character, taking the form of journalistic, academic, or artistic writing about literary texts.

This page hosts critical texts of all kinds, written by undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture at Panteion University. Their sources are obviously texts, fictional or not, written or not. Is the reading produced interesting? What are -or will be- the fortunes of the texts that attracted our attention? Was our discourse included in this course for better fortunes or did our reading remain in silence? Did we go ahead, did we decrypt? DID WE READ? See for yourself.

Criticism/Texts is coordinated by Professor of Modern Greek Studies Elisavet Arseniou.



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