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Is critical thought still present in the university? The answer is not self-evident each time the foundations of critical thinking are undermined here in Greece and elsewhere; in some places less, in other places more and each time in different ways. Even so, academic work is important, ocasionnally unequal, but most of the times iscreative, diverse, and of high standard.   

Polis Apolis is coordinated by Assistant Professor of Contemporary History Chryssanthi Avlami


Polis-Apolis responds to a series of needs:

  • to publish part of the work produced in universities, in both written and audio-visual form
  • to discuss various issues pertaining to social/public sphere by placing them into their historical, social, philosophical, and cultural context
  • to contribute to the creation of a political culture based on the critical thinking, research and methodology of the humanities and social sciences
  • to develop a discussion platfrom, open and accessible to all those who are interested in the topics of the discussed, facilitating thus communication between the university and the community at large

Who we are ?

Polis-Apolis is the result of a winter's night conversation between Katerina, Pavlos and Chryssanthi; along the way, the idea was embraced by colleagues, students and researchers from universities, both in Greece and abroad, expressing their eagerness to participate. Just before the beginning of the project, Marcos designed for us the hot air balloon from which we will observe the cities and their people and Stelios built the website that will host our thoughts. From this platform all of us, ourselves and so many others who will join the journey later, can observe and engage. May we have a good flight…


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