August 2020

  • Collaboration of the Advertising and Public Relations Lab - ADandPRLAB with the 4th Summer Academy THISAM - Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy which is organized by the Department of Journalism and Mass Media of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor and Head of ADandPRLAB, and Mania Xenou, CEO of Reliant Communications, organized a crisis management simulation seminar with a live evolving scenario based on the Summer Academy’s theme “New Media and emerging technology trends - AI, VR, Verification.”


  • Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou, Head of the Advertising and Public Relations Lab - ADandPRLAB and U.S. Exchange Alumna (2015) of the Study of US Institutes (SUSI) programme in Journalism and Media at Ohio University, participated as a facilitator and speaker at the Web Symposium of the Institute of International Journalism at Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University entitled: “International Media and COVID19 : Challenges for Journalists and Educators ”Facebook link:

  • Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou participated in the # AEJMC2020 Virtual Conference, in which she organized a pre-conference panel for the International Communication Division (ICD) on: “U.S. Entrepreneurial Public Diplomacy across Continents” with contributions from India, Uganda, USA and Greece. During the annual Meeting of the International Communication Division (ICD) held within the Conference, Ms. Tsakarestou was re-elected Branding Chair Officer and European Research Co-Liaison for the 5th consecutive year. Link: Branding Chair Officer και European Research Co-Liaison 



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