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    Director: Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou


The Advertising and Public Relations Lab (#ADandPRLAB) has been operating since 1993 and has the vision to inspire and train future creative minds and talents in advertising, public relations, strategic design, and creativity, impact storytelling, digital innovation, and startup entrepreneurship with a positive impact. It combines an interdisciplinary approach by following international developments in technology and best practices in communication in the digital era.

ADandPRLAB cultivates a culture of intellectual and creative curiosity, experimentation, and collaboration in all aspects of academic, professional, and social life. Following an educational model of co-creation and through strategic collaborations with a wide network of experts from all spectrum of communication, business, startup ecosystem, digital media and immersive/mobile technologies, the students of ADandPRLAB have the opportunity to think and to pursue real issues and challenges and within the the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


ADandPRLAB has developed a specialized team-coaching program with the aim of improving team collaboration and conflict management support through continuous coaching and mentoring in the teams of the lab.

ADandPRLAB’s alumni are distinguished professionals in Greece and internationally in the fields of applied communication, marketing, digital media and content production or start their own young innovative startup ventures, often associated with technological and social innovation. Some alumni are pursuing academic and scholarly careers in Greece and internationally.

ADandPRLAB has developed international collaborations with academic institutions in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, initiating educational-research collaborations through Erasmus + the program, and in collaboration with embassies and institutions. In particular, partnerships have been developed with the Copenhagen Business School, CUNY Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, Ohio University, Alberto Hurtado University, Chile, UCU, Uganda, Center for Journalism & Mass Communication Visva-Bharati, India.

ADandPRLAB’s research activities cover a wide range of interconnected areas in the field of advertising, collaborative consumption, and new digital consumption trends, crisis management, neuro-leadership, social media, startup entrepreneurship, collaborative values , and sharing practices with Mobile Generation Next research project. ADandPRLAB participated in the European Young Leaders program: Developing and Enhancing Leadership Skills for Young Managers in Times of Crisis.

ADandPRLAB implements and participates in community outreach initiatives and networks with a focus on startup, digital and social innovation by organizing Startup Weekends, co-creation and design thinking workshops, crisis management simulations, participating in Greek and international communication and entrepreneurship competitions.

ADandPRLAB is a member of the mobile cluster of The Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies (ΣΕΚΕΕ-HAMAC) and has participated in the official Greek delegation at the Mobile World Congress between 2013-2016 in Barcelona. ADandPRLAB has signed memoranda of cooperation with: Antenna Music, member of Antenna Group (2018) Velocity Partners VC (2019) and Digital Communication Network SEE (2020).



podcast2In the framework of iMEdD's collaboration with Panteion University, Kelly Kiki, Journalist and Project Manager at iMEdD Lab and Panagiotis Menegos, Journalist and Podcast Content and Production Manager at iMEdD, held a workshop on podcast production, which was part of the Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory (ADandPRLAB) of Panteion University, led by Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor (director) in collaboration with Stavros Kaperonis, Teaching Laboratory Staff. The workshop was addressed to third-year students of the Department of Communication, Media & Culture and aimed to provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully launch their first podcast.

The workshop was a step-by-step introduction for the students to creating podcast episodes with high-quality audio. During the sessions, participants were introduced to basic techniques for developing a high-quality podcast. In particular, they received practical advice on how to choose the right equipment, on podcast recording and audio production techniques and guidance on how to produce a podcast from the initial conception and design stage to its completion and publication.

The students also had the opportunity to discover how the podcast production industry works and to discuss the additional challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of podcast production and the listeners new habits and preferences, the current situation in the field in Greece and the trends that dominate the global market.

They are digital "natives" but also born in the chaos of the "age of content". TheyPANTEIO PODCAST post have the means to tell their own stories, but they are also accustomed to information that is quickly produced and consumed. They are Gen Z and have new habits, values, standards and expectations when it comes to media.

Listen here to the 18 episodes:

iMEdD Podcasts Panteion studentFinally, the students worked in groups to produce their own podcasts, under the broad theme of Gen Z and Media. Music preferences, eating habits, interpersonal relationships, activism, role models, mental health and entrepreneurship were some of the topics that were in the spotlight.

The 18 groups of students presented the podcasts they created at the iMEdD premises, with an open discussion following. The new podcast series entitled Gen Z and Media is hosted in a special podcast section on the iMEdD website.







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